Kirkcaldy pensioner didn’t see “no parking” sign — but he was going to Specsavers

April 27 2017, 8.03pmUpdated: April 28 2017, 12.03pm

A Kirkcaldy pensioner has hit out at town centre parking restrictions after failing to spot signs on a trip to the opticians.

Tom Barnes, 91, in Kirkcaldy High Street, where he received his parking ticket.© DC Thomson
Tom Barnes, 91, in Kirkcaldy High Street, where he received his parking ticket.

Tom Barnes, 91, was shocked to receive a £60 penalty after dropping off wife Mary, 89, for an appointment on the town’s High Street last Tuesday.

He returned to his Toyota Yaris to witness a warden attaching the notice to his car, which was parked outside of the McDonald’s Mall.

A blue badge holder, Mr Barnes said that he was unaware of several small sections of the High Street where parking is prohibited.

The sign outside of the McDonalds Mall on Kirkcaldy High Street.© DC Thomson
The sign outside of the McDonalds Mall on Kirkcaldy High Street.

With a handful of small signs and no road markings to highlight parking controls, Mr Barnes said that there are not enough measures to make drivers aware of the regulations.

“We were going to Specsavers,” he said.

“The place was choc-a-bloc so I left the car and was going to the other end of the street to get light bulbs.

“He was sticking the sticker on my car when I got back and I asked why and he pointed to the sign on the wall above the shop. There are no markings on the road.

“You’re not looking above the shops to see if there’s no parking allowed. Surely they could put a marking where people can see it.”

While blue badge users are permitted to park on the pedestrianised High Street, three sections – at the bottom of Kirk Wynd, Bell Inn Wynd and outside of Dorothy Perkins – are designated as loading bays.

Although these areas are signposted, cars tend to park closer to the centre of the road, several feet away from any signage, while no markings are in place following the regeneration of the route.

The couple’s case was brought to light by their local councillor, Marie Penman, who said: “I understand that the law needs to be upheld but there needs to be clearer signs on display.”

David Brown, senior manager at Fife Council, said: “The pedestrian zone in Kirkcaldy has restrictions in place to prevent all vehicles, including blue badge holders, from parking at certain times and areas.

“The signs that are in place in the High Street clearly state where waiting and loading is prohibited and are in accordance with the appropriate guidance.”


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