Kirkcaldy death scene described as “utter carnage” by police witness

Alex Forbes.

A police officer said he arrived at the scene of an alleged murder in Kirkcaldy to find “utter carnage”.

Sergeant Alan Stewart, who has nearly 30 years’ experience as a police officer, said the scene at a flat in Victoria Road was “one of the worst he had seen”.

Mr Stewart was giving evidence in the High Court of Edinburgh at the trial of Adrian Hynd, 51, who is accused of stabbing Alex Forbes to death at the start of the year.

St Andrews-born Hynd denies the charge and has claimed he was acting in self-defence.

Advocate depute Alan Cameron asked Mr Stewart what he saw when he entered the living-room.

“Probably what I would describe as a scene of utter carnage,” he replied.

“There was a male person lying on the floor with a large knife, with a very ornate handle, very deep into his chest.

“There was blood on the floors, the radiators and the walls.”

Officers were alerted by a 999 call made by Hynd and by a passing female motorist who said she had seen someone in the area who was covered in blood.

Two constables who had arrived at the scene before Mr Stewart were already taking Hynd to a police van when he turned up.

Hynd denies murdering 25-year-old Forbes, of Edinburgh, on January 2 by repeatedly stabbing him.

The court was shown a video recording of Hynd being interviewed by police. During questioning he admitted killing Mr Forbes, stating “I ended his life”.

Hynd described how he had gone to the Windsor Hotel in Victoria Road at around 9pm on New Year’s Day.

He was heard on tape telling police he had got into a conversation with other drinkers about buying the pub.

At closing time, Hynd, Mr Forbes and two others went back to the flat in
Victoria Road. Hynd said the four of them were drinking vodka and chatting.

The court heard there were
disagreements about the sale of the pub and also a belt buckle which Mr Forbes had with him.

Hynd said Mr Forbes grabbed the knife and a tussle ensued.
“The first blow hit me on the wrist,” said Hynd.

“I managed to get him over. My hand on his wrist, which had the sword, and the other on his throat.

“I was using all my strength to keep him down.”

The trial continues.