Restaurant Reviews

Padrino Pizza, Dundee (40/50)

October 20 2018

My dad is the only person I know who doesn't like pizza. In the UK, though, pizza takes on very many forms from the microwave deep crust variety to the carry-out boxed versions bigger than a bicycle wheel.

Restaurant Reviews

Tony Macaroni, Dundee (40/50)

August 12 2017

Just as we are told not to judge a book by its cover, it may also be ill advised to judge a restaurant by its name.  Some are intriguing yet reveal nothing about their cuisine and some are really quite dull and simply named after their street or location.

Restaurant Reviews

Three Lemons, Aberfeldy (39/50)

January 7 2017

It was the twinkling Christmas lights in the window of Three Lemons that first drew us in.  It is a beautiful building both inside and out and the most recent owner, Jake, has kept many of the original features of the tweed wholesaler and country outfit maker which was in operation for over a century but the new and most important addition is his wood fired pizza oven.