Fiona Armstrong

Courier columnist
Fiona Armstrong

Laying mother to rest

August 26 2017

This week we take my mother-in-law’s ashes across to west Perthshire. Fanny died last August, so the precious cargo has been keeping watch over our house for a year.

Fiona Armstrong

Volunteering for victory

June 17 2017

The MacNaughties have a new toy. It is a small, ugly, toughened-plastic figure that you unscrew and fill it with dog treats. You then sit back and watch them being driven mad…

Fiona Armstrong

From miniature donkeys to classic cars

June 10 2017

Monday brings a different e-mail. It is from the Chairman of the ‘Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Association’. I have never heard of these creatures. Let alone realized that they have a club all to themselves. Investigation is called for.

Fiona Armstrong

Getting well for the Queen

May 27 2017

The chief starts the week with hankie and thermometer. The poor man has man-flu, so sympathy and hot drinks are the order of the day, as is paracetamol. I squeeze oranges and this fruit-avoider reluctantly drinks the juice.