SPONSORED: Smarter energy: what are you waiting for?

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They bring a host of benefits, so why not take the simple step of upgrading to a smart meter?

Creating a more efficient energy landscape, with financial savings and the chance to avoid waste – what’s not to love about the smart technology that’s helping to make it all happen?

More than 400,000 smart meters are being installed each month in homes and small businesses throughout Great Britain. They will eventually replace around 53 million old analogue meters, resulting in more accurate bills – no more nasty surprises – and helping us to keep an eye on our energy use.

They’ll also help the people who distribute our energy stay on top of annoying things like power cuts, so they can repair problems faster and far more efficiently.

A modern, smart energy system could save the country up to £40 billion over the coming decades.

Yet questions persist about how smart meters work, the information they gather and how they might be used.

Smart meters have been rigorously tested and exceed every UK and EU safety standard. Concerns over their impact on health have also been debunked; Public Health England says exposure to radio waves from smart meters is one million times lower than international safety guidelines and many times lower than that from Wi-Fi and mobile phones.

Even the straight-forward process of having one fitted brings benefits. Since the beginning of 2017, smart meter installers have identified more than 450,000 existing faults in people’s homes – from defective wiring to boiler problems – some of them potentially life-threatening if they hadn’t been found.

Every step on the smart meter journey has been scrutinised to ensure they work well.

Once installed, many people – like householder Carly Cairns – have discovered the benefits of smart meters.

“I got it six months ago. Bills were rising and it seemed like a better way to keep track of gas and electricity usage,” she said.

“It’s currently sitting on a side table in the living room, so it’s in clear view.”

She checks gas and electricity usage and sees how it tots up by the day, week, month and even her annual total bill.

“It’s easy to check daily, it’s very clear to read and laid out well,” she said.

It’s also made her conscious of her energy use – and more likely to take action to make sure she keeps it in check.

Research has shown 81 per cent of people with smart meters have taken at least one step to reduce their energy use. And over 70 per cent would recommend a smart meter to a friend or relative.

Getting one just involves having a chat with your energy supplier.

Carly agrees: “I would definitely recommend it. It’s a great way to find out where all the money is going, and save some instead.”

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Smart Energy GB is the government backed organisation tasked with informing Great Britain about the benefits of the smart meter rollout.