Gary McMillan murder: Quiet street stunned by violent death

Stuart Deuchar
Stuart Deuchar

The murder of Gary McMillan stunned residents in the quiet neighbourhood where he lived.

Mr McMillan lived in Lawton Terrace and the police investigation centred on ground near the Nicoll’s Rosebank Bakery.

The bakery and shop is at the heart of the community and owner Stuart Deuchar, 61, said police were studying the popular shop’s CCTV system.

It captured a man walking past the shop shortly before the murder is thought to have taken place around 2.20am.

A man is then captured running past the shop in the opposite direction just a few minutes later.

Mr Deuchar said: “Someone said there had been two guys sitting in the park all afternoon.

Police following “positive lines of inquiry” in hunt for Gary McMillan’s killer

“But the CCTV shows somebody walking past the shot then running back a short time later.”

Mr Deuchar added: “It’s awful when you think somebody has possibly been killed on your doorstep.

“Everyone in the shop is talking about it. I have CCTV footage that I have shown the cops.”

Darren Fraser, 21, said he saw police cars descend on the street just after 3am.

“I got up for a cup of tea and saw all the police cars arriving,” he said.

“I heard that the council van is sitting there because they were the first on the scene and got out to try and revive the man.

“They couldn’t have imagined coming across a scene like that, it must have been some shock to find someone lying bleeding in the street.”