Re-Discover Dundee seeks volunteers to help make cycling accessible

© SuppliedOne of the Re-Discover Dundee tours.
One of the Re-Discover Dundee tours.

A project helping people with health issues to take up cycling has called for more volunteers to expand its activities.

Re-Discover Dundee was launched in December to provide supervised cycling tours for people with limited mobility, health conditions and elderly people.

The scheme currently has six volunteers who help during the weekends and have taken out four groups of between five and eight people in parks and green areas around Fintry.

One of the project co-ordinators, Lali Tudela, said the group wanted to start offering weekday tours and to raise money to purchase adapted bikes and trikes.

She explained: “Currently we have eight electric trikes, two electric bikes and one trailer.

“The aim is to get people to be more physically active and to explore Dundee, in a way they might not normally be able to.

“We cater for all abilities, from people who haven’t been on a bike in years to more experienced cyclists.

“The volunteers are given Cycle Right Leader training to supervise their group.

“We have one leader and one assistant on each tour so the service users are supported from head to toe.”

She added: “However, our volunteers worked from Monday to Friday, so we have no week-day offering.

“If we can get ten more volunteers that would be amazing.

“They don’t have to give up too much of their time – even helping with one tour every fortnight would be fine.”

Over the past few months, Re-Discover Dundee has been doing tours around the Fintry Area, not far from their base at the Finmill Centre.

If they get more volunteers, it would enable them to offer tours further away.

Lali said she hopes the group can start offering tours that follow the Dighty and link up with other community and cycling groups.