You Drink We Drive service returns for Christmas to prevent drink-driving

© DC Thomson
Gary Rooney with one of the recovery vehicles.

A scheme to prevent drink driving in Dundee will return this Christmas after a successful trial last year.

Gary Rooney, who runs Big Recovery, has decided to make his You Drink We Drive initiative a permanent fixture in the city.

Revellers at parties, pubs and clubs who have driven to their venue and then decided to have a drink can contact the recovery firm, which will drive their car home free of charge.

Envelopes will be placed behind the bar at pubs, so people can place in their keys and their details.

However Gary, who has lost people close to him through drink driving,  stressed the scheme is not a free taxi service and should not be abused.

He said: “You Drink We Drive was very successful last year. We had about 50 call-outs over a six week period.

“At first I was a bit apprehensive, as I didn’t want people to abuse the service. It is not for people who want to save money on a taxi, it is for people who genuinely planned to drive, but then ended up having a drink.

“However, everyone was great and we didn’t have any problems. We’re hoping it will be the same this year. I should make it clear that we can only drive vehicles home, not people.”

The scheme will run from Friday, December 22 until Sunday, January 7.

Although the service is free, there will be a charity collection box where people can donate if they wish.

The money would go to the RNLI and the UK Civil Air Patrol Scotland.

Gary added: “Despite the service being free, last year people kept trying to give us money.

“So we decided to add the charity boxes this year – there’s no obligation to donate but if you do, it’s for good causes.

“We are not out to make money, we just want to discourage people from drink driving, even if they’ve only had the one drink.”