Jack McKeown

Motoring editor and features writer

A country home on the right side of the tracks

March 21 2019

A house built on the site of a disused railway yard a few miles outside Forfar still has many reminders of its former life, including a platform and the remnants of the tracks. The single storey home has extensive grounds and fine views.

Motoring news

Disco outcleans Clio

March 20 2019

A diesel Land Rover Discovery would be one of the last cars to come to mind when it comes to environmentally-friendly machines - but it could actually be better for the planet than many small family run-arounds, according to new research.

House & Home

Beauty in the Fair City

March 14 2019

A three-storey home in a large, A-listed building in the heart of Perth has been a labour of love for its owner. With a garden that backs onto Perth Museum it could not be more conveniently located in the Fair City.