Adidas trainers tribute to much-loved Lee

The unique trainers have been created in tribute to Lee Welsh.

A late Dundee musician has been immortalised with his own pair of unique Adidas trainers.

A flood of tributes have been paid to popular Lee Welsh following his death in July. The talented guitarist played with Dundee band Modern Culture and loved mod culture.

Following Lee’s death, the 27-year-old’s family have tirelessly campaigned for mental health awareness.

On Saturday, before a fundraising night thrown in Lee’s honour, his parents Phil and Lesley were presented with a pair of specialised Adidas trainers emblazoned with Lee’s face, name and signature.

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Kris’s tribute to Lee.
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The trainers were tailor made for Lee.

The trainers were created by Lee’s friend and designer Kris Boyle.

Lee’s mum Lesley says the tribute has left the family “blown away”.

She said: “Lee always wore Adidas. The shoes are totally made for Lee. He would have thought they were brilliant and would have them right on his feet.

“Kris and Lee were at school together and played in rival bands. Kris got in touch with Lee’s cousin and asked for a couple of pictures of him. Next thing , Kirsty, Lee’s sister, was looking for Lee’s driving licence – she wanted something with his signature. I asked Kris what his plan was, but he said: ‘Nothing, nothing’.”

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Lee Welsh.

Lesley continued: “We met up with family in the Victoria Bar before heading up to Skyaxe for the race night and Lee’s cousin brought out this brown box, an Adidas box.

“On it, it had: ‘In loving memory of Lee Welsh, shine on, you crazy diamond’.

“We  opened it up and were totally blown away. There was a picture of Lee on the tongue and ‘Welshy’ under the picture. Lee’s signature was on the back heel tab.”

Kris said the gift was a tribute to “brilliant” guitarist Lee.

He said: “I knew Lee’s mum and dad and it was just an idea I had.

“Lee was in the year below me at school. Every time I saw him, he was always a happy guy.

“I had wanted to use a picture of Lee with his guitar, like a silhouette, but in the end I got his signature sent over and used that.

“Lee was a brilliant guitarist, he was the driving force in his band.”

The family will create a display featuring the trainers.