Car ‘egging’ sparks Dundee city centre incident

© DC Thomson
The incident in Reform Street, Dundee.

Police officers are at the scene of a bizarre incident in Dundee city centre.

Three units rushed into Reform Street at around 8.10pm after an incident involving a motorist and a group of youths.

Eyewitnesses reported that a passing car appeared to have been sprayed with “silly string” or hit with eggs.

As the car’s owner pulled over to remonstrate it is thought one of more of the youths fell over in the street.

They were given aid by passers-by and the arriving police officers though no-one is thought to have required medical attention.

Officers have taken statements from numerous witnesses. One said the youths appeared to have been left “shaken”.

A police spokesman confirmed there had been an incident involving a number of pedestrians and the driver of a car.