Doctor Who audioplay sees Churchill fighting Nazis on city streets

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Doctor Who, Winston Churchill and the author of James Bond will have a shootout with some Nazis outside the McManus gallery.

Or at least they will in a new audio play about the famous Timelord, written by Tardis-obsessed author Iain McLaughlin.

The play’s action takes place during the Second World War and sees the former Dundee MP Winston Churchill team up with Lieutenant Fleming – who may or may not be the creator of 007 – and the ninth doctor, who was portrayed on screen by actor Christopher Eccleston.

At one point, Churchill whiles away the time by reading a copy of The Beano – a publication writer Iain used to edit.

Iain, who has written the play as part of a wider series called the Churchill Years Volume Two, said: “Churchill goes on a night-time car chase through the city centre as he tries to escape Nazis, before having a shoot-out on Trades Lane.

“He also commandeers an office in a large sandstone building at the head of Reform Street, where he is visited by the Ninth Doctor.

“Ian McNiece plays Churchill in the story and there is a Lieutenant Fleming, who may or may not be James Bond’s creator Ian Fleming.

“There is even a scene of Churchill reading a Beano, probably in the Beano Office. It was a little self indulgent but, why not?”

The play is filled with links and references to Dundee, according to writer Iain.

DC Thomson’s Meadowside building, one time home of The Beano and current  headquarters of The Courier, is acknowledged as the large sandstone building at the top of Reform Street.

Winston Churchill, the prime minister who led Britain out of the Second World War, was MP in Dundee for more than 14 years.

He was elected in 1908 on a Liberal Party ticket, but became unpopular in the city for a number of reasons, according to historians.

Further to this, James Bond author Ian Fleming’s family hailed from the city, his paternal grandfather having been born in a Victorian slum in 1845.

Robert Fleming attained a scholarship at Dundee High School, before setting himself up as an investment trust manager after a brief spell as a clerk in Baxter Bros jute mill.