Nancy Nicolson

The Courier's Farming Editor
Farming news

Chemical ban blow for growers

March 26 2019

The mainstay fungicide used to control ramularia leaf spot in barley is to be withdrawn for use in Europe, causing farming leaders to warn of a knock-on impact on the entire Scottish food and drink industry.

Farming news

Fertiliser supplier dismisses EU warning over rising costs

March 25 2019

A stark warning by Europe’s farming unions that planned EU anti-dumping duties on liquid nitrogen fertiliser imports would increase costs for farmers by £1.7 billion over the next five years has been dismissed by a UK fertiliser supplier as a “massive over-statement”.

Farming news

Why scarecrows could be wiped out by laser beams

March 20 2019

Trials involving the use of laser beams to keep birds away from crops have shown “great results”, according to a European research consortium which is now planning to test the same approach to keep deer, rabbits and rodents from also causing damage.