Dundee man tells of McDonalds seagull terror

Greig only got to take one bite of his burger before it was stolen by a pesky seagull.

A Dundee man has told how his daughter was “terrified” when a gull swooped down and stole his burger outside McDonald’s.

Greig Stott was sitting at a table in front of the fast food restaurant on Reform Street with four-year-old Colleen and left her with friends while he went inside to get some ketchup.

The ferocious bird pounced and made off with his Tasty Burger, leaving only the lettuce and tomato in the box.

WARNING: Video contains strong language


Greig said: I wasn’t even gone for 30 seconds and a seagull has swooped down right before my daughter’s terrified eyes and snatched my “Big Tasty” burger away.

“Colleen was okay, although she did get a bit of a fright, I think she was in as much shock as I was, I just couldn’t believe it.

“It was like it was waiting to pounce at any second and the minute I got up and left my seat, it swooped. It did leave me my tomato and lettuce though.”

Greig added there is also a seagull problem in Coldside, where he lives, with the birds regularly raiding bins. He said he will now think twice before eating his food outside.

He said: “It is nature, they are wild animals – I don’t have a problem with their existence, but when it comes to attacking, swooping down on and scaring young children, families and with people have this constant fear of having their food snatched away from them, then that is a serious problem.”