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Time to cut back on whisky’s CO2 emissions

January 6 2018

The starting point to making alcohol is sugar in one form or another, usually dissolved in water. It can be grape juice, to make wine and brandy. Or the various sugars in malted barley, to make beer, whisky or gin and vodka. Or sugar cane syrup, to make rum and cachaça. Or honey, to make mead.

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The whiskies striving for the gold standard

December 23 2017

Every year, several books or compendia of the best whiskies are published and nominate various whiskies from all over the world as their top 20, or top 10, or top five, whiskies—and newspaper headlines broadcast whatever the top nominee is. And very often the whisky is not Scotch.

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Copper stills: still a thriving business in the 21st Century

December 16 2017

The burnished copper stills seen in every malt distillery have become both a symbol of the whisky industry and, to a lesser extent, a sort of Scottish icon. And, as the industry continues to win new converts to the cratur across the world, the demand for stills keeps increasing. Which in turn is good news for the firms that make the stills and related distillery equipment.

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Gin distillery’s delightful and historic setting

December 9 2017

Amid the current mushrooming growth of gin distilleries, I have long intended to visit one. That finally came to pass some weeks ago when I saw a gin distillery that, for all it was in the most delightful and historic setting, reminded more of a medieval alchemist’s workshop than a 21st Century distillery.

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The boiler is the beating heart of a distillery

December 2 2017

The beating heart of any distillery is not the stills, or washbacks, or mashtun or the casking store. It is the distillery boiler, without which the distillery grinds to a halt. Hot water and steam are needed throughout the production process and, if the boiler packs up, so does the distillery.

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Excellent whisky bargains as festive season approaches

November 25 2017

With the festive season looming, all supermarkets, off-licences and other outlets start offering some excellent bargains on the drinks front, with blended and malt whiskies to the fore. Indeed, if your wallet or credit card is loaded enough, I would advise buying as much as possible during this bargain bonanza time.