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Amber Lights

A whole lot of history bottled up in drink

June 23 2018

It is interesting to contemplate how certain drinks (or brands) acquired their names. Wines are often named after their home village or area. Single malts are named after the distilleries that produce them. Other drinks are named after the company founder, be he Johnny Walker, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam or Mr Heineken.

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Orkney all-rounder malt has US connection

June 2 2018

Although all whisky fans have their own favourite malt, many agree the best “all-round malt” is Highland Park. It has that combination of nose, mouthfeel and finish that makes it many aficionados’ first or second choice. However, one wonders how a distillery beside Kirkwall in Orkney got called Highland Park, as the nearest Highlands are miles south across the stormy Pentland Firth.

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That first taste of whisky can be deceptive

May 26 2018

Alcohol seems to be this country’s boom industry. Not only are countless new distilleries opening, but there has been a parallel surge in new breweries and—way down south—ever more new vineyards producing some remarkable wines.

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Plenty more Irish whiskey in the pipeline

May 12 2018

Last week I covered the bigger names in Irish whiskey. This week we look at some newcomers — 10 have opened in the past few years and 22 are at the planning or building stages. Should they all be built, Ireland will have more distilleries than during its 19th century heydays.

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Whisky renaissance is good news for Ireland

May 5 2018

It seems the great distillery renaissance that is sweeping Scotland and England is also sweeping across the whole of Ireland. That is good news, as Ireland saw its whiskey industry decimated nearly a century ago by a string of cruel circumstances.

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Scotch whisky is our liquid ambassador

April 21 2018

I can never quite adjust to all the strange Scotch whiskies one sees for sale in foreign lands. I am convinced that half the Scotch brands on this planet are created in other countries after the whisky has been bulk-blended here and tankered overseas to be bottled and labelled there.

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The comical side of too much alcohol

April 14 2018

Maybe I’m mistaken but we seem to have lost our ability to laugh about alcohol and its funny consequences. In bygone years, the village drunkard was a standard character in countless plays. Arguably, there are more jokes about drink than about sex. Music hall, radio and TV comedy sketches often portrayed the hazards of too much drink, especially whisky, but they made people laugh, they didn’t wag a censorious finger or make moral judgements.