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Opposing teams to unite for charity

Scotland's competing tribes in the independence referendum will come together for a rare show of unity as the final two weeks of campaigning begin ...

Live TV clash over referendum vote

Independence could bring Scotland's politicians closer to the people they represent but also bring its potential enemies closer as well, voters have ...

Former Nato ambassador to vote Yes

The recently retired UK ambassador to Nato has revealed she is voting Yes to Scottish independence and insisted the international alliance would ...

PMQs 'shows what No vote means'

Prime Minister's Questions is a reminder to Scots that they are being governed by "Tory-led governments people in Scotland don't vote for", according ...

'Stress test' for new powers plan

Liberal Democrat plans to give more powers to Scotland if it votes No to independence will be subjected to cross-party approval and a "stress test" ...

Jobseekers 'avoid zero-hours roles'

More than half of jobseekers are unwilling to take up work if it involves a zero-hours contract, a new study has revealed.

US stock market ends slightly lower

Concerns over weaker global growth appeared to overshadow strong reports about the US economy, nudging the stock market to a small loss.


Meeting over exploitation report

The leaders of Rotherham's under-fire council will meet today to discuss the devastating report which revealed at least 1,400 children were sexually ...

Lib Dems would axe married tax boon

Liberal Democrats will scrap the married tax allowance to fund free childcare for every two-year-old in England if they are in government after next ...

£11m cost of elderly patient delays

The NHS is having to fork out millions of pounds every year because of delays in getting elderly patients back into their own homes following a ...

Concerns expressed over GP emails

Doctors who email patients instead of meeting with them in person or telephoning them could miss out on vital signs about a patient's ailments, ...

All eyes on Kim at awards for men

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian stole the show at a glitzy awards do - designed to celebrate men.

New pill offers hepatitis C 'cure'

A new pill treatment that is said to offer a "cure" for the chronic liver disease hepatitis C has been launched in the UK.

UK rises in competitiveness ratings

Britain has risen one place in the international economic competitiveness ratings, according to the World Economic Forum.