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Leaders hit the road to sway voters

29 August 2014 12.45am.

David Cameron and Alex Salmond are hitting the referendum campaign trail as the battle over the future of the United Kingdom intensifies.

Alexander warns of 'Holyrood elite'

The Scottish Government is trying to airbrush out the different identities of Scotland's communities in its drive for independence and increasing ...

Warning over rise in mortgage costs

Independence could leave homeowners facing an average rise in mortgage rates of £5,200 a year, an estate agent has claimed.

Salmond pledge on childcare costs

Childcare would be "transformed" under independence with families saving almost £5,000, according to Alex Salmond.

CBI chief warns over EU referendum

David Cameron's plan for a referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union is increasingly causing "real concern" for companies, a member of ...

Ukraine conflict weighs on markets

US financial markets ended slightly lower today, marking their first loss in a week of record highs.


Cowell ready for 'ratings battle'

Simon Cowell said he was ready for "a ratings battle" after it emerged The X Factor is going up against Strictly Come Dancing in the TV schedules.

Affordable childcare 'down to luck'

Finding decent, affordable care for school-age children is down to luck for many families, according to a report.

A mile a day to keep cancer at bay

Breast and also prostate cancer patients could cut their risk of dying by walking just one mile a day, it has been suggested.

'£130 of gadgets' in schoolbag

More than a quarter of parents plan to spend an average of £329 per family on gadgets for their children ahead of the new school year, a survey has ...

New rules to improve hospital food

Sloppy mashed potato and soggy vegetables will become a thing of the past for hospital patients and staff under new rules to banish unacceptable food ...

Government 'not trusted' over NHS

More than two out of five people do not trust the Government to protect the NHS, according to a study.

Signs of housing market cool down

The gap between house sellers' asking prices and the amounts that buyers are willing to pay is widening in growing signs of a cool down in the ...