Scottish Tory leader says Scotland proves minority rule can work

The Conservatives should form a minority UK Government as it is “unlikely” they will win a majority in May, according to the party’s Scottish leader.

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General Election 2015: Scottish campaigns get under way

Scotland's political parties have hit the campaign trail as the battle to win at Westminster officially began.

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‘It’s about putting the constituents first’ — Lindsay Roy reflects on life as an MP

As entrances to the world of politics go, few could have been more intense than that of Lindsay Roy.

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British couple found shot dead in Spanish villa

An elderly British couple have been found shot dead on a sofa in their Spanish home.

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Meredith Kercher’s mother ‘shocked’ by Knox and Sollecito acquittals

The mother of murdered British student Meredith Kercher has said she is "surprised and very shocked" by an Italian court's decision to overturn the ...

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Watch: Terrifying video of quad biker tearing through city centre

A teenage boy who rode a quad bike the wrong way into oncoming traffic is "lucky to be alive", police have said.

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Royal Mail parcels scheme could mean end to ‘Sorry, you were out’ slips

Royal Mail is launching a new service to allow people to nominate neighbours to receive parcels if they are not at home.

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One Direction quash split rumours after Zayn Malik departure

One Direction have spoken out to quash rumours they are set to split up in the wake of Zayn Malik's departure.

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Katie Hopkins’ Rochdale tweets reported to police

Katie Hopkins has been reported to police over claims she may have incited racial hatred in Rochdale by suggesting Pakistani men in the area were sex ...

One in 20 students working in sex industry to pay their way, says survey

Students are turning to sex work in order to reduce loan debt and fund their basic lifestyle while at university, according to a major study.

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