Yes Scotland campaign still to reveal details of donations

Yes Scotland still hasn’t revealed details of its donations ahead of September’s referendum.

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SNP spring conference: Nicola Sturgeon woos Labour voters for the ‘last mile of our journey’

Nicola Sturgeon has made an emotional appeal for people to vote Yes and drag the campaign over the “last mile of our journey”.

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Claim and counter claim over independent Scotland’s fiscal deficit

An independent Scotland would have the second highest fiscal deficit of all the world’s advanced economies in the first year of independence, ...

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Charity in warning on young jobless

Youth unemployment will not reach pre-recession levels until at least 2018, a decade after the financial crisis kicked in, according to a new ...

Tradesmen 'priciest in south west'

Tradesmen are more expensive to hire in the south west of the UK than anywhere else in the country, according to a study.


Kiwis see off William and Kate

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have said goodbye to New Zealand with baby Prince George having won the hearts of the Kiwis.

UK low in hospital beds league

There are fewer hospital beds in Britain than most other European countries, with less than half the number of many, a report has found.

MPs condemn Helmand base security

British commanders have been accused by MPs of complacency over a Taliban attack on the main UK base in Afghanistan in which two US marines were ...

'Spray-on skin' hope for burns

Health officials are considering introducing "spray-on skin" as a treatment for NHS burn patients.

Blood pressure warning on pregnancy

Pregnant women with chronically high blood pressure are more likely to suffer complications such as early delivery of their babies, giving birth to ...

Scan predicts brain damage recovery

A brain scanning technique has "far-reaching" potential for predicting the fate of severely brain damaged vegetative patients, research has shown.

NHS 'used as political football'

The NHS is "too often" being used as a political football, health leaders have claimed.