Swinney Yes vote message for firms

Scottish companies will be able to boost their presence on the world stage with a Yes vote, according to the Finance Secretary.

84% of firms 'lack Yes vote plan'

More than eight out of ten businesses in Scotland do not yet have plans in place to deal with the result of the referendum if the country votes for ...

Salmond gets last word in TV debate

First Minister Alex Salmond will have the first and last word on Scottish independence in the landmark televised debate with Better Together leader ...

Charity figures disagree on vote

Senior figures from the charity sector have clashed about the impact of a Yes vote in September's independence referendum.

Currency union 'deception' blasted

Alex Salmond has been accused of a "huge deception" over his plans for a currency union after a Yes vote.

US stocks enjoy mixed fortunes

US stocks are closing mixed after the Federal Reserve said the economy was strengthening enough for the central bank to continue cutting its stimulus.

Greggs on a roll as profits rise

Pasty and sausage roll maker Greggs boosted profits today as the firm benefited from the launch of low-fat sandwiches and a new coffee blend.


Radio 2's Evans hits audience peak

Radio 2 breakfast host Chris Evans has hit another audience high, with a new record number of listeners to his show.

Labour slams Tories on house prices

House prices are likely to rocket to 13 times the average wage by 2020 under a Conservative government, Labour will claim today.

Surge in sex offenders behind bars

A surge in the number of convicted sex offenders behind bars has forced the Government to rethink its response to the problem.

1m asthma patients 'missing checks'

More than a million people suffering from asthma are missing out on key yearly checks, a charity has warned.

Ex-DPP in bid to become Labour MP

Former Director of Public Prosecutions Sir Keir Starmer says he will put his name forward to stand as a Labour parliamentary candidate.

Children 'given biggest bedroom'

Almost one in three parents have sacrificed the biggest bedroom in the house to their children, according to a study into "space-starved" families.

Adults urged to monitor waistlines

Health officials are urging people to get out the tape measure and monitor their waistline after figures showed that adults with a large waist were ...