‘Element of gullibility’ in voting No, says SNP candidate

An SNP candidate has claimed there was "an element of gullibility" among some people who voted No in the independence referendum.

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Ruth Davidson rejects party colleague’s ‘hyperbolic’ SNP warning

The leader of the Scottish Conservatives has branded Home Secretary Theresa May “hyperbolic” after she suggested a Labour government backed by the ...

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Ed Miliband: No deal with SNP to form government

Labour leader Ed Miliband has ruled out any form of deal with the SNP, even if support is needed for his policies to be voted through at Westminster.

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The Queen leads Gallipoli tributes

The Queen has led the nation in commemorating the sacrifices made by Australian and New Zealand forces during the Gallipoli Campaign of the First ...

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Nick Clegg’s wife is a secret food blogger

The Clegg family have been writing a secret cookery blog for the last three years, the Deputy Prime Minister's wife has revealed.

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Goldman Sachs executive reaches settlement ahead of sex discrimination tribunal

An executive at Goldman Sachs who claimed she was denied millions of pounds in bonuses because she is a woman has reached a settlement with the ...

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Dundee bomb hoaxer fails in appeal

An armed raider and bomb hoaxer, linked to his crimes by his distinctive Dundee accent, failed to convince judges he was not the nuisance caller.

‘The German people don’t like us’ — veteran goes off-message at VE Day photocall

A Second World War veteran has claimed that "the German people don't like us" and said he experienced their "disdain".

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Tesco chief vows fightback after supermarket reports £6.4 billion loss

Tesco has slumped to a £6.4 billion annual loss after taking a massive writedown on the value of its property portfolio.

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MRI scans reveal Harry Potter books’ strange spell on the brain

Certain words and sentences from Harry Potter stories cast a spell on the brain, activating regions that process emotions, research has shown.

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