Defence Secretary warns Scottish airspace would be exposed under SNP plans

UK Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has warned that large parts of an independent Scotland’s airspace would be left “undefended” under SNP plans.

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Gap 'narrows' ahead of referendum

The gap continues to narrow between voters on both sides of the referendum debate, a poll suggests.

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Yes Dundee in row with National Express over political advertising on buses

Yes Dundee has launched a fundraiser to try to plaster buses in the city with pro-independence adverts — but the company it is targeting said it will ...

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Tougher mortgage checks warning

People applying for a mortgage are facing tougher affordability checks which delve into their spending habits on outgoings ranging from childcare, ...

British Gas denies bonus claims

British Gas has denied claims it paid its staff bonuses to inflate customers' bills.


Coren Mitchell makes poker history

Television presenter and journalist Victoria Coren Mitchell went all in to scoop nearly £400,000 and make poker history.

Spending power 'set to rise 1.5%'

Consumer spending power is set to rise by 1.5% this year, according to analysis by an economic think tank.

Flood repairs 'bring peace of mind'

Flood protection has been restored to over 100,000 homes damaged by extreme winter weather.

Jenkins to wed filmmaker boyfriend

Classical music star Katherine Jenkins has announced her engagement.

Sir Bob leads tributes to Peaches

Sir Bob Geldof is expected to pay tribute to his daughter Peaches as a host of stars from the music world attend her funeral today.

Gun salutes mark Queen's birthday

Traditional gun salutes will mark the Queen's 88th birthday today.

Pain threshold 'decided by genes'

Four genes may help decide a person's pain threshold, research has shown.