Defence Secretary warns Scottish airspace would be exposed under SNP plans

UK Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has warned that large parts of an independent Scotland’s airspace would be left “undefended” under SNP plans.

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Gap 'narrows' ahead of referendum

The gap continues to narrow between voters on both sides of the referendum debate, a poll suggests.

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Yes Dundee in row with National Express over political advertising on buses

Yes Dundee has launched a fundraiser to try to plaster buses in the city with pro-independence adverts — but the company it is targeting said it will ...

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Mulberry vows to win back customers

Mulberry has vowed to win back loyal customers after fans of its designer handbags were priced out by a disastrous push into more exclusive markets.

US stocks end higher for third day

Investors has driven stock prices to their highest level in a week, encouraged by a crop of corporate earnings and reassuring US and Chinese economic ...


Banksy artwork to go on display

A Banksy artwork removed from a wall by a youth club has been handed to a city council and will now go on public display.

Beauty contest ends in a punch-up

Police were called to the Miss Scarborough beauty contest after a fight broke out when supporters of one of the contestants claimed the competition ...

Police vow to catch Fletcher killer

Police are "determined to make sure we catch the person responsible" for the murder of policewoman Yvonne Fletcher, the Metropolitan Police ...

Woman jailed over blackmail plot

A former soldier who underwent a sex change has been jailed for six years for her part in a conspiracy to blackmail an animal testing company ...

Stop family breakdown, says judge

A judge who was chastised after airing his views on marriage made a call for "the tide" of family breakdown to be stemmed as he retired from his job ...

Man held after major arms find

Assault rifles, sawn off shotguns, an Uzi and a Thompson machine gun have been seized by an anti-gang squad in one of Scotland Yard's biggest gun ...

Private eggs freeze offer for woman

An artist who suffers from Crohn's Disease has been offered private financial support to freeze her eggs before she undergoes chemotherapy, her ...