Labour considers sport betting levy

A levy on all sports betting could be used to pay for community facilities and treat gambling addiction under plans being examined by Labour.

Car production figures rose in June

The number of cars produced in the UK rose last month.


New bird species 'face extinction'

Dozens of newly-recognised bird species have been listed as threatened with extinction, a new report has revealed.

Concerns over vCJD 'blood threat'

A "casual" attitude by the Government could be increasing the risk of the human form of "mad cow disease" being spread via blood transfusions or in ...

A&E patients 'will wait longer'

Patients should expect "inevitable" greater waits in A&E departments, two health charities have warned.

Glasgow welcomes world to its Games

Glasgow gave the world a warm, Scottish welcome at a Commonwealth Games ceremony full of humour, music and featuring a major fundraising appeal.

Report critical of undercover units

Undercover police units will come under fire for gathering and keeping information about black justice groups that "served no purpose in preventing ...

Diagnosis trial over lung condition

A £10 piece of medical equipment has gone on trial designed to accelerate the detection of a potentially fatal lung disease.

Degree costs set to rise to £26,000

Students heading off to university next year can expect to pay more than £26,000 for a three-year degree, as the cost of higher education rises.