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End of season tidy-up for our gardens

October 21 2017

As autumn arrives, the summer flowers fade and crop harvesting is well under way, and we theoretically enter a quiet phase of gardening, so take the chance to carry out the end of season tidy up.


Harvesting the autumn crop

October 14 2017

There was a time when the autumn harvest was all about potatoes and apples, but there are so many new crops and new types of existing crops that we are spoilt for choice as to what to pick, leave a bit longer or even take a chance with crops left in the ground in case we get yet another mild winter.


Time to plan next year’s strawberries

October 7 2017

Strawberry growing has always been a mixture of producing a very healthy and tasty fruit and rising to the challenge of growing them big, disease free, and over as long a season as possible.

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